Not to be confused with the Judge Ghost/Animated from "Jailbusters"

The Judge Ghost [1] is a ghost that appeared in Dana's apartment during the Tiamat incident.


As the Ghostbusters scaled the 15 flights of Dana Barrett's apartment building, the Judge Ghost appeared in the stairwell. He charged the Ghostbusters with interfering with Gozer the Destructor then asked how they pleaded. Peter Venkman deferred to Winston Zeddemore. Winston answered "Nolo contendere" and trapped the ghost.


  • The Judge Ghost is visually based on Judge Valkenheiser, portrayed by Dan Aykroyd, from the movie "Nothing But Trouble"
  • In the Ghostbusters: Mass Hysteria hard cover collection, on page four, the Judge Ghost appears in the upper left corner of the background.


IDW Comics


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