Karen Pearson [1] is a victim of the Sandman.


Mr. Pearson and his wife Karen planned to go on a trip. While settling in for the night at their Staten Island home, they finished packing. Mr. Pearson checked the alarm clock three times to make sure it was set to ring at 5:49 am. In the morning, Mr. Pearson stopped the alarm at 5:50 am but he wasn't getting any response from Karen. Karen revealed her right eye was completely gone. They called the police. The police determined none of her nerves were severed and her eye wasn't cut out. There were no signs of forced entry. Brent Mitchell from the 120th Precinct approached the Ghostbusters for help. The Ghostbusters examined photographs taken of Karen and investigated the Pearson home where they encountered the Sandman.


  • Karen is has an apprehension about traveling. [2]


IDW Comics


  1. Brent Mitchell (2015). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters Annual 2015" (2015) (Comic p.5). Brent Mitchell says: "That's Karen Pearson. Her and her husband called 911 this morning."
  2. Karen Pearson (2015). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters Annual 2015" (2015) (Comic p.1). Karen Pearson says: "It's a long trip, and you now how I get about travel."


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