Kenji [1] is a boy living in Tokyo, Japan. He becomes a key figure in the Ghostbusters' investigation of the celluloid ghosts.


Kenji is a boy who enjoys classic monster movies. He saw all 12 Lizardo movies, 10 times each. [2] While trying to recover his hat, Kenji witnesses the manifestation of Nori-ra. He attempted to warn the Ghostbusters twice but was chalked up to be another rabid fan. Kenji finally caught up to them at Tokyo Bay after they vaporized Nori-Ra and revealed them to be ghosts of movie monsters from Yamani Studios.

At Tokyo Television Tower, Kenji suggested they use an air raid siren to attract Lizardo, since it sounds like a female lizard. However, Lizardo soon crushes the siren and wanders. When Slimer was unable to hold it back, Kenji raced to Ecto-Ichi and used its microphone and stereo to anger Lizardo. Lizardo came into range and was destroyed by the Ghostbusters. As they departed, proper credit was given to Kenji.



The Real Ghostbusters


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