Kenneth Grahame was the owner of a theme park called Toad Island. He is a descendant of a race of fish-like beings known as the Deep Ones. The original Deep Ones wanted to turn humans into their own kind, but they eventually changed their ways and instead created the park Toad Island to make the humans change their opinions about them. Another member of Grahame's kind named Nogad wanted his people to go back to the ways of their ancestors the Deep Ones and wanted the world to be ruled by The Deepest One. Kenneth Grahame then called the Ghostbusters for help and Nogad's plans blew up in his face. He returns in the 19th issue where he tries to stop some punks from harming a mermaid.


Kenneth Grahame shares his name with the author of The Wind in the Willows, the main character of which is Mr. Toad.


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