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"Hold your fire til we see a moment of weakness"

This article is about content that is either unreleased or only out recently that may be seen as a spoiler. This means that there is no spoiler rule in effect. Read the Spoiler Policy.

Specifics: This is for Ghostbusters International

Kevin [1] is the latest member of the Ghostbusters' New York branch support staff.


Walter Peck successfully negotiated a loan of the Ghostbusters' services, for up to two weeks each month, with the Scandinavian entrepreneur Erland Vinter. With Egon Spengler still recovering from an injury caused by a Werecat Ghost, Special Agent Melanie Ortiz busy investigating paranormal occurrences across the U.S. on behalf of the FBI, and Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, and Winston Zeddemore in Europe, Janine Melnitz was left severely understaffed. Jenny Moran took care of the bureaucratic red tape at the Paranormal Contracts Oversight Commission and suggested Janine hire someone to help out. About the time of when Peter, Ray, and Winston encountered the Plague Doctor Ghost on Poveglia, Janine and Jenny started open interviews at 2 pm local time in the Firehouse. During his interview, Kevin admitted part of his reason for applying for the position as he always wanted to work in a firehouse. [2] After two hours, Janine had a couple of "maybes" but felt Kevin could solve more problems in the office because of his typing skills rather than solving her problem of not having enough bodies to send out on a bust.

Kevin was hired and given a flight suit to wear during office hours but Janine suffered another set back when she could not get him certified as a back up Ghostbuster. [3] [4] While Janine spoke with Special Agent Melanie Ortiz about personnel, Kevin carried a box and Trap to elsewhere in the Firehouse. While talking about her understaffing problems, Janine pointed out her issue with certifying Kevin. Kevin waved at them.



IDW Comics


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