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"Hold your fire til we see a moment of weakness"

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Specifics: This is for Ghostbusters 101

Kevin Beckman (mostly, referred to as simply Kevin) is the Receptionist for the Ghostbusters in the 2016 movie.


He clearly isn't the brightest, but he makes up for it in his looks. He is known for confusing relatively simple things, such as sight and sound.


He was the only applicant to apply for the Receptionist position. From the moment he stepped into the second floor of the Ghostbusters' make-shift headquarters, Erin Gilbert has been making advances towards him, which he seems unaware of. Abby and Jillian are astonished by how dumb he seems, but they hire him anyway.


  • On June 10, 2015, it was first reported Chris Hemsworth joined the cast as the receptionist. [1] Paul Feig confirmed the casting on his Twitter account. [2]
  • On August 17, 2015, photos of Chris Hemsworth in a jumpsuit riding an Ecto-2 was taken. [3]
  • Costume designer Jeffrey Kurland and Chris Hemsworth went through several pairs of glasses to see which one suited Kevin. [4]
  • The receptionist was always going to be male. During production Kristen Wiig improvised Erin having a crush on Kevin. [5]
  • Initially, Kevin was going to be an apathetic character but Melissa McCarthy pointed out the team had to care about wanting to rescue him. Hemsworth began improvising. [6]
  • The Mike Hat joke was improvised by Chris Hemsworth while filming the interview scene. [7]
  • During his interview, Kevin is asked not to listen and he closes his eyes. As Abby, Erin, and Holtzmann discuss whether to hire him or not, he hits the gong and again closes his eyes instead of his ears.
  • In Ghostbusters International #4, in the What Came Before! section, Janine Melnitz's new hire was revealed to be named Kevin likely as a nod to Kevin.



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