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The Keystone Ghost [1] was a red spiky ghost that haunted the house of Ray Stantz' deceased uncle in Scotland.


The Keystone Ghost is the spirit of the Battle of Dunkeld, a military conflict between Scottish highlanders and lowlanders. [2] Legend says one man caused the Battle with a rash act and the one ghost pays for it all. It acts as the one who holds all the other 723 ghosts in place. The Keystone Ghost is condemned to roam so the rest can sleep peacefully. [3] The ghost haunted the 640 acre manor house of Andrew McMillan. McMillan decided to place a condition in his will. If his nephew, Ray Stantz, could catch the Keystone Ghost, he would become Duke of Dunkeld, effectively putting McMillan's children out any inheritance. The relatives hired Angus Lenny to pose as executor of the will and bring Ray over, hoping he would fail and fall victim to the ghosts.

The Ghostbusters succeeded in trapping the Keystone Ghost, but then had to deal with a massive army of ghosts. Ray saved the day by converting a bunch of garbage trucks into giant ghost traps and signaling a lot of Scotsmen to open the traps when the ghosts approached. Ray then told them to keep the traps charged until the ghosts dispersed. Angus Lenny was implicated by the townsfolk and was forced to buy them a new fleet of garbage trucks and personally store all of the trash, in the meantime, at his residence.


Egon Spengler asks Angus Lenny if the Keystone Ghost is a Free Floating Repeater or a Simple Roaming Vapor. [4] Based on what followed in the episode, the ghost was the former, a Free Floating Repeater. It is a ghost that moves about at will, with no regard to buildings, people, or time and space, as we know it and has an obsessive repetitious behavior pattern in that it always manifests only on the McMillan property at night. The latter implies the ghost could manifest anywhere and is insubstantial, which was not the case.


The Real Ghostbusters


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