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"The prime motivator is a demon named W(h)at."

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Kirilian's Gateway is a series of machines, located in a civil defense shelter under an abandoned junior high school in New Jersey, used to breech the ghost dimension with a cross-dimensional rift.


In 1997, Edward Kirilian completed his gateway machine once his Spirit Slaves stole The LB-7 and the Toltec Skulls. He brought Egon Spengler to the machine to witness what he called "the dawn of a new age." The LB-7 would fire a laser and energize the skulls, setting off a sub-atomic vibrational pulse capable of creating a gateway to the Netherworld. [1] [2] Egon managed to overload the machine simply by ripping out its control panel. The part holding the LB-7 exploded and the portal closed soon after.


Extreme Ghostbusters


  1. Edward Kirilian (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters- Heart of Darkness (1997) (DVD ts. 17:20-17:46). Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Edward says: "The Toltec's spoke of using the sun god's light to fill the skulls in order to activate them. What did that mean? Was it a metaphor? Or some energy source they were privy to? One thing was clear: mere sunlight was not potent enough. Then it hit me, what is the greatest source of concentrated light known to man?"
  2. Edward Kirilian (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters- Heart of Darkness (1997) (DVD ts. 17:53-18:07). Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Edward says: "Precisely. When the awesome power of the laser is shot through them, the skulls become energized, emitting a sub-atomic vibrational pulse creating a cross-dimensional rift - a gateway to the Netherworld."


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