Kline's Mansion [1] is a large sprawling upstate mansion occupied by writer J.N. Kline.


Some time after publishing "Guts and Blood" of the Gore Series, Kline was imprisoned in his mansion by the Vathek and forced to write his masterwork in order to anchor them the realm of living forever. Several months later, the Extreme Ghostbusters entered the mansion in search of their comrade Roland Jackson and several victims kidnapped from a nearby diner and Tuck's Inn Bed and Breakfast. They followed the sound of typing and managed to learn from Kline that the Vathek were deep below the mansion. Garrett Miller remained in the study with Kline and attempted to halt the manuscript somehow. As the Vathek gloated victory in the study, Eduardo Rivera blasted and destroyed Kline's typewriter. A vortex was generated around Kline and pulled in the Vathek.


  • Kline's Mansion was scripted to be located in the Connecticut countryside. [2]


Extreme Ghostbusters


  1. Capizzi, Duane (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters "Deadliners" (Final Draft December 1996) (Script p. 14). Line reads: "HER POV, PANNING FROM CAR - They pass the distinctive GOTHIC SPIRES of KLINE'S MANSION (as seen on the E.T.-type broadcast earlier), which poke above the treetops."
  2. Capizzi, Duane (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters "Deadliners" (Final Draft December 1996) (Script p. 07). Line reads: "Ext. Connecticut countryside - Late Afternoon."


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