The Land of Lost Objects [1] is an extra-dimensional realm where anything anyone loses winds up. [2]


10,000 years ago, The Collector was imprisoned in a fortress in the Land of Lost Objects by a powerful demon and was forced to become the Keeper of Lost Objects. For centuries, The Collector searched in vain for The Key, the one object that would free him. In the late 1980s, he had a hole to the Land of Lost Objects widened and planned to steal everything from the physical plane to find the ancient key. Edward Zeddemore and Winston Zeddemore fell into the hole and were imprisoned by the Collector as an incentive to the Ghostbusters to refrain from interfering.

Eventually, the rest of the Ghostbusters arrived. Armed with modified Particle Throwers, they stormed past the boiling moat surrounding the fortress. Once Slimer was sent into find Ed and Winston, the Ghostbusters surrendered in order to be brought to the Collector. In the ensuing battle, the Collector received both halves of the Key and placed it on the vault near his throne. The vault door opened and revealed a portal. Once the Collector went through it, the fortress collapsed. Ed, the Ghostbusters, and all lost objected were returned to the physical plane.


The Land of Lost Objects is one of the dimensions where the Particle Throwers are useless. [3] Egon Spengler circumvented this by creating Dimensional Compensator circuit boards.


The Real Ghostbusters


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Primary CanonEdit

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