"The prime motivator is a demon named W(h)at."

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Le Maison's Victims are ghosts of humans who were trapped by Le Maison and fed on gradually.


Over a long time, Le Maison disguised itself and captured many human victims every spring solstice. Once captured, the victims eaten then their spirits were entrapped so they would dissolve slowly over time. Eventually, each ghosts resigned to the fact they would never be released but tried to warn living humans to leave the house before midnight or they would suffer the same fate. The Extreme Ghostbusters managed to convince the ghost of a French maid to help them locate the house's latest intended victims, Frankie and Len. After the Ghostbusters demolished the house, all of the victims were released from its hold and they peacefully dispersed. The maid blew a kiss of gratitude to Eduardo Rivera before she dispersed.


Each victim has some form of decay illustrating how long they've been entrapped by the house. The dapper gentleman's hands were skeletal, the French maid's face was partially dissolved, and others had rotted flesh like Zombies. [1]


Likely due to a residual reading or being entrapped by Le Maison, the French maid gave off extremely low P.K.E. levels. [2]


Extreme Ghostbusters


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Images provided by Paul Rudoff with permission from Nora Salisbury of The Ghostbusters Fan Forum, co-run with the late Doreen Mulman

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