The Leg Hose is a hose of some sort that can be found on the left side connected slightly below on the leg area to the uniform, and then it goes behind the Ghostbuster and under the Belt in the back.

Although its function is unknown, some fans have speculated that it is actually connected to a siphon in the crotch area to capture any unwanted release of bodily fluids (hence the yellow color) due to unexpected frights from the spooks, specters, and ghosts. The Ghostbusters are also in many situations were restrooms are unavailable and require some way of being able to relieve themselves when necessary. The hose is then connected to a bag in the back or under the Proton Pack to store said fluids until they can be emptied upon their return to the Ghostbusters's HQ.

Noted differences in medias

  • Ghostbusters - It is yellow.
  • Ghostbusters II - It is clear on the tan uniform and is not present on the charcoal gray uniform.
  • Ghostbusters: The Video Game (realistic version) - It is yellow, however the front cover shows it being green.


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