Lenny Jason [1] is a famous talk show host of his self-titled program, "The Lenny Jason Show."


On one episode, Lenny had Michelle Pfeiffer on the show as a guest. [2] The next episode took a turn for the strange when it was crashed by Sammy K. Ferret and the Ghostbusters, whom 3/4 were turned into cartoons. Understandably, Lenny didn't take the encroachment too kindly. Sammy declared Lenny was over the hill, literally and figuratively, then dropped him down a trap door. The Ghostbusters manipulated the show to enrage Sammy and make him reveal his true form so he could be trapped.


  • Lenny Jason is a play on late night talk show host, Jay Leno.
  • Lenny is named after one of the episode's writers, Len Janson.


The Real Ghostbusters


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