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Level 11: Parkview Retribution

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Level 11: Parkview Retribution is the eleventh level in the Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime.It is basically a boss rush with bosses from previous levels.

Plot/Cut ScreensEdit

The shards combine on their own to reassemble the Relic of Nilhe. Out of options, the junior team returns to Parkview Psychiatric Hospital to find Dr. Tesmon, who gave them the first shard.


Go from room to room and fight every boss from the previous levels except the Subway Smasher. The same strategies to defeat them still apply here.

Area 01Edit

Area 02Edit

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Area 07Edit


There no more Stay Puft Marshmallow Man collectibles at this point in the video game.



12th CinematicEdit

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Level 10: Gates of the Dead Level 12: Temple of the Destroyer

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