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The Level 4 Flyer was an aggressive ghost with sharp claws and teeth.


During the Energy and Lightning Demon case, the Extreme Ghostbusters tried to identify the entities on the Spengler's Spirit Guide Demon Browser. The Flyer had a 52% probable match as the culprit.


The Spengler's Spirit Guide Demon Browser lists the Flyer as a Level 4 or Class 4 Flyer.

Spengler's Spirit GuideEdit

  • Classification
    • Level 4
  • Transparency
    • 3.1
  • Wave Frequency
    • 0.8267
  • Description
    • Level 4 Flyer
    • Sharp Claws and Teeth
  • Comments
    • This ghost is aggressive. Terminate with extreme prejudice.
  • First Sighting
    • India 936 A.D.
  • 13668
  • 666
  • Evil


Extreme Ghostbusters

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