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Appeared in The Real Ghostbusters
"If I Were a Witch Man"
Address Massachusetts
Ghosts Encountered Kestrel

Lewiston is a quaint New England village located in Massachusetts steeped in centuries of proud Pilgrim history and was once terrorized by witchcraft. [1] [2]


In the 15th century, Lewiston was plagued by an evil demoness named Kestrel. A group of Pilgrims led by Eli Spengler imprisoned Kestrel and her Goblins in a Containment Rock Crystal. Since then, the village celebrated an annual festival dedicated to its Pilgrim culture and the influx of tourists helped boost the local economy. Just before the 300th Pilgrim Festival, Kestrel escaped her prison and plotted revenge. The Ghostbusters were called in to deal with the Witch in two days before the festival started. Ultimately, the battle with Kestrel ended at the Eli Spengler statue in the village.


The Real Ghostbusters


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