Liberty Island is small island located in New York Harbor best known as the location of the Statue of Liberty.


In need of a something to combat the Psychomagnotheric Slime covering the Manhattan Museum of Art, the Ghostbusters ventured to Liberty Island to animate the Statue of Liberty with positively charged slime. It worked and they departed aboard the statue. Several weeks after Vigo was defeated, an official ceremony was held by the City & County to celebrate the return of the statue to Liberty Island and to award the Ghostbusters with a Key to the City.

Two years later, the Psi Energy Pulse triggered by Ilyssa Selwyn passed through Liberty Island and Statue of Liberty with no apparent paranormal reaction from the latter. The Ghostbusters later found Shandor Island near Liberty Island.


  • The only scene actually filmed on Liberty Island was the special ceremony seen in the end credits. [1]


Primary CanonEdit

Secondary CanonEdit


  1. Spook Central Liberty Island


Primary CanonEdit

Secondary CanonEdit

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