Lilith [1] is Queen of the Ecto Leeches and first appeared following a series of attacks on underground power lines by Ecto Leeches.


At some time, Lilith established a personal lair in an abandoned fallout shelter beneath New York's Penn Station. She became aware of the Ghostbusters' exploits and followed them for years. Eventually, Lilith concluded the Ghostbusters' technology would aid her in securing limitless power.

In 1997, she devised a diabolical plan to turn the human race into her personal battery. [2] First, she mailed the Ghostbusters' office manager Janine Melnitz a postcard for a free island vacation to get her to leave the Firehouse. Once she was gone and the place was falling apart without her help, Lilith left an ad offering her services as a temp worker for the Ghostbusters to find. Disguising herself as a human, she used her position not only to sabotage their equipment, but also to study it so that she could create her own versions of the capture stream and containment field. Lilith would then capture humans, store them in a Bio Containment Vortex, and feed off their life force.

Fortunately, Janine was too worried about the state of affairs of the Ghostbusters in her absence and cut her vacation short. She saw through her deception and tailed Lilith. Convinced the Ghostbusters were walking into a trap set by Lilith, Janine commandeered an older model Proton Pack from the statue of Peter Venkman and rescued the Ghostbusters from Lilith. Janine concentrated the Proton Stream on Lilith while Slimer trapped her.


Even in human form, Lilith retains the ability to command her Ecto Leech progeny and drain power. In her true form as the Ecto Leech queen, she is bigger, stronger, and can even fly.

After studying the Ghostbusters technology, Lillith figured out how to create an ectoplasmic stasis field that could immobilize humans and the Bio Containment Vortex to store humans in. [3] [4]


  • When photographed, Lilith bears no image like a vampire.
  • While Lilith was the name of the first wife of Adam and queen of demons in mythology, it is also used for the name of female evil spirits with the habits of a vampire in the demonology of the Jewish people.


Extreme Ghostbusters


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