In Little Green Sliming Hood, Peter, believing Slimer is watching too much television, reads him a book, but soon the story begins to take on its own slime-like quality.[1]



Peter Venkman

Chilly Cooper

Professor Dweeb



Wolf Helmet




To stop Slimer from watching TV before bed, Peter convinced him to listen to a good book instead. Slimer chose the story of "Little Red Riding Hood." They settled in the clubhouse and began to re-imagine the tale with several familiar faces. Slimer imagined himself as Little Green Sliming Hood with his friends in the story. Professor Dweeb acted as the scientific Big Bad Wolf and Elizabeth as the Little Bad Wolf, Chilly as the hippest grandma, and Peter as the Hunter. Slimer ate the entire contents of the picnic basket and picked lemons. A giant lemon fell on Slimer. In her quaint little cottage, Chilly critiqued her casting as the grandmother but took it in stride. Professor Dweeb and Elizabeth took a shortcut to grandma's house just in time to see her leave for a karate lesson. Chilly kicked a tree and it landed on Dweeb. Slimer arrived later on and noticed something was different.

Dweeb chased Slimer around, but luckily Peter the Hunter arrived just in time with a cream pie. He threw it at Dweeb but Slimer ate it. Dweeb slammed the door on Peter but Slimer grabbed the lemons and tossed them into his jaws. With Dweeb distracted, Slimer tied him up a weight lifting machine. Dweeb chased after Slimer but struggled to catch up to him. Slimer placed Elizabeth in his hands and they were flung outside. Chilly returned with Peter. Luckily, she just learned a Big Bad Wolf flipping lesson and tossed Dweeb. And they all lived happily after. Slimer wanted more stories and shoved a whole stack of books to Peter. Peter relented and chose "Jack & the Beanstalk."


  • While trying to talk Slimer into reading, Peter holds up a copy of the novel, "Wuthering Heights".
  • When Peter arrives as the Hunter, Slimer makes a metafictional reference and states it's a Saturday morning cartoon so there can't be guns. [2]
  • Slimer and Peter do their own rendition of Little Red Riding Hood then Jack & The Beanstalk. This essentially leads to "Slimer & the Beanstalk"

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