Long Island is an island located in the southeast part of New York, just east of Manhattan, consisting of four counties.


Wat lured the Ghostbusters to a fake house at 1313 13th Street in the Levittown suburbs of Long Island while it attempted to gather an army by opening the Containment Unit. The Ghostbusters were hired by Horace Stewart, unaware he was a ghost, to deal with a ghost haunting his mansion in Glen Cove on the north shore of Long Island.

In 1997, Kylie Griffin and Eduardo Rivera kept tabs on the Radioactive Ghost and followed it in Ecto-1 from a safe distance. It led them to the South Shore Nuclear Power Plant. The other Ghostbusters and later, Egon Spengler, met up with them. Leonard Bates purchased a home on Long Island from Adelaide Realty and discovered a wishing well on the property. He mistakenly made a wish for a bride and was stalked by a Ghost Bride on behalf of a Wishgiver. Bates fled his home and got help from the Ghostbusters. After the Ghost Bride was trapped, Bates returned home only to be chased by another. The Ghostbusters arrived, saved Bates, and defeated the Wishgiver.



The Real Ghostbusters

Extreme Ghostbusters


  1. Mueller, Richard (August 1985). Ghostbusters: The Supernatural Spectacular, p. 45. Tor Books, New York NY USA, ISBN 0812585984. Paragraph reads: "Of the three, he was the product of the most normal childhood, having been raised on Long Island by his doctor father and housewife mother. He had an older brother (Air Force officer in the Middle East) and a younger sister (journalist in California). Brother Carl was married, sister Jean was divorced."
  2. Mueller, Richard (August 1985). Ghostbusters: The Supernatural Spectacular, p. 45-46. Tor Books, New York NY USA, ISBN 0812585984. Paragraph reads: "This state of affairs had begun some three years ago during a family reunion at the ancestral home in Islip."
  3. Jenny Moran (2016). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters International #9" (2016) (Comic p.1). Jenny Moran says: "But we did save about $30k on the flight to Chile by pooling with a couple of honeymooners from Long Island..."

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