Loot Crate is a monthly mystery box subscription service started in 2012 that sends out surprise items every month to subscribers. Ghostbusters related items are sometimes among them.

Items releasedEdit

  • December 2014
    • Stay Puft Door Hanger or Slimer Door Hanger
  • SDCC 2015 "Exclusive Creature"
  • July 2016 "Ghostbusters Crate"
    • Ghostbusters Baseball Shirt (Wearable add-on Exclusive)
  • October 2017
    Exclusive collectables and apparel in this month's Loot Crate, Loot Crate DX, Loot Wear, and Loot Pets.
    • Ghostbusters Apparel:
      • Exclusive Ghostbusters Windbreaker: This windbreaker was designed to evoke the classic Ghostbusters uniform, including a patch inspired by their ghost trap. (Loot Wear - $14.99)
      • Exclusive Ghostbusters Socks: Commemorates Slimer - the gooey, ectoplasm-covered ghost. (Loot Socks - $9.99)
      • Exclusive Ghostbusters Themed T-Shirt. (Loot Crate - $15.99)
    • Ghostbusters Collectables:
      • Exclusive Ghostbusters 'Karate Puft' Figure: This figure depicts the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (aka Gozer) training for another fight with the Ghostbusters after their first, climactic, stream-crossing battle in the 1984 film. He's getting some helpful lessons from a movie that came out just a couple weeks after Ghostbusters -- The Karate Kid! (Loot Crate DX - $47.99)
    • Ghostbusters Items For Your Pets (Loot Pets - $14.99):
      • Exclusive Ghostbusters Proton Pack Tee: The Proton Pack is an absolutely essential part of any Ghostbarkers arsenal - fans can now outfit their pups in this tee.
      • Exclusive Ghostbusters Caution Collar: This collar design is based on the colors of the ghost trap used by the Ghostbusters themselves in the 1984 film.
      • Exclusive Ghostbusters Slimer Collar Light: This light glows an eerie green (just like the real Slimer) so it's perfect for clipping to your dog's collar on night time walks.


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