The Lost City of Krobos [1] [2] is a fabled civilization that sank into the ocean for unknown reasons.


Krobos was inhabited by alchemists who dabbled in demonology. At some point, the city was destroyed and it sank into the ocean. Some in the field of paranormal research concluded demonic forces were the culprit. [3] The Dry Spell Spirit settled in the ruins and went into hibernation. The ruins of Krobos lay undiscovered for 2000 years. [4] [5] A team sent out by François Rousseau discovered the ruins but awakened the ghost.


  • Krobos appears to be loosely based on Atlantis.


Extreme Ghostbusters


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Images provided by Paul Rudoff with permission from Nora Salisbury from The Ghostbusters Fan Forum, co-run with the late Doreen Mulman

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