Lotan [1] is a ghostly serpentine whale-like entity who destroys cultures with ecto-magnetic emanations. [2] [3]


For at least seven centuries, Lotan destroyed all tools and creations of man with his mere presence. He works off a ritual of attack based on escalating intensity and degree of destruction. He starts off small but goes after something bigger and of greater importance each time. Eventually, Lotan would attack an important target of inherent infrastructure and progressively advanced technology that would ultimately destroy the targeted civilization with its destruction. At some point in time, the spirit Maiikrob resigned himself to the destruction of the entity, even if it took an eternity. He alone knew the one way to destroy Lotan was from within, to pierce his center of being. [4]

In 1997, Lotan appeared in New York City on the night of a full moon and passed through the Hudson River to the Lincoln Tunnel. The Ghostbusters were called into investigate but their P.K.E. Meters went offline. While speaking with a witness at the west tunnel exit, they were called to a West 18th Street construction site. Lotan had passed through and caused all the construction equipment to go haywire. As Egon Spengler input data to predict Lotan's next appearance, he surfaced outside the Firehouse. Maiikrob arrived and was defeated twice by Lotan. Moving east towards Queens, Lotan planned to take down the control tower of the John F. Kennedy International Airport.

As the Ghostbusters prepared a final stand, Roland Jackson arrived to warn them the Proton Packs were overloaded with unexpended energy from their previous encounters with the entity.  When Maiikrob revealed that the only way to stop Lotan was to destroy his center of being, Roland came up with a plan to use Lotan's own power against it by feeding it the unstable packs and destroy the center that way. Maiikrob volunteered to carry out the suicide mission. Charging at Lotan one final time, Maiikrob leaped down the entity's throat with the packs just before they exploded. With Lotan's destruction, all technology in the area immediately went back online.

It appears that without this center of being, Lotan re-manifested as a weakened version of his former self. The Ghostbusters were able to successfully trap him and placed him in the Containment Unit. He later encountered Eduardo Rivera as he searched for Slimer. Eduardo ran right on top of his extended tongue then just as quickly leaped away.


  • Herman Melville's classic novel "Moby Dick" served as the basis for Lotan's conflict with Maiikrob.
  • Lotan is based on Lotan, a monstrous primeval serpent slain by the god Ba'al Hadad in Syro-Palestinian mythology. [5] It represents mass destruction through floods, oceans in general, and winter. [6]
  • Lotan was mistaken for the Loch Ness Monster. [7]


Extreme Ghostbusters


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