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"Hold your fire til we see a moment of weakness"

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Specifics: Ghostbusters Annual 2017

Lou Kamaka is a former member of the Ghost Smashers and currently works as one of the Chicago Ghostbusters.


Lou was hired by Ghost Smashers, founded by Ron Alexander. She was present with the others when the group made their debut atomizing the Phantom of the Opera. In November, Lou was given a Proton Pack in the battle against the Megaspook. After the Megaspook was defeated, Lou went off for a drink with Peter Venkman and Dani Shpak.

Lou was hired by the Ghostbusters to help with the Hart Island incident. After Ray came out of a trance, Lou reminded him he was talking about the Blood Rain, Tiamat and Robert Johnson's Crossroads. After Ray continued and quickly went through the history of Hart Island, Lou snorted after Dani retorted he remembered all that and not her and Dani's names.

After the Hart Island battle, the Chicago Ghostbusters were called back to Chicago to deal with the ghosts of slaughtered cows from the stockyards of decades past who were running through the Magnificent Mile and goring the tourists. Dani and Lou were hired by and joined the Chicago Ghostbusters. They were able to trace and neutralize the source of the haunting before anyone was seriously hurt but the Chicago River burned for three days afterward.

On September 14, Lou was part of the back up personnel assigned to help Special Agent Melanie Ortiz in St. Louis, Missouri. After Hedylogos' Compliment Sprites told enthralled citizens the Ghostbusters were in love with them, a small riot broke out. Lou commandeered a police cruiser and lured the thralls away from Hedylogos' influence by promising them "as many Ghostbusters as they could get their hands on." Once out of the influence zone, they peacefully dispersed. The others were free to directly attack and trap Hedylogos. Lou was contracted by Special Agent Melnaie Ortiz to investigate The Alamo on October 2 and deal with the Alamo Ghost. On October 30, Lou, Dani, and Ron were contracted by Melanie for a case on Highway 287 to catch Edward Quinn and Ghost Buffalo. Lou and the rest of the Chicago Ghostbusters went with Kylie Griffin to Japan to search for the Map to Nikulausson's Tomb and ended up fending off a horde of Yurei with Ron and Dani.

On August 14, Lou was contracted, along with Dani and Ron, by Melanie to work a rapidly escalating situation in Las Vegas. They were tasked with drawing away the hordes of ghosts lured to Vegas by the inciting entity Ethan Kaine. After Ray and Melanie severed Kaine's connection to the River of Slime under Vegas, Lou and Dani trapped Kaine. On November 9, Lou was contracted with Dani to work a case with Melanie in Hollywood. In the first encounter with The Fayne Sisters, they failed to identify them when asked and were knocked down with telekinesis. Two days later, on November 11, they were able to trap the ghosts after Lou couldn't name the one movie in their resume. They went to Mount Lee to verify that the flaming "LAND" letters had dissipated after the sisters were trapped. On December 1, Ron and Lou provided back up for Melanie at the Fairlawn Mansion after the Skinless Man moved it six miles from Superior, Wisconsin to Duluth, Minnesota. When a second set of P.K.E. readings was detected, Lou suggested the Servant Girl Ghost was a target like a similar situation they encountered in the Trask Hotel case. Once they found the Skinless Man in the middle of strangling the Servant Girl Ghost, Ron's abrasive personality proved useful in trapping the Skinless Man. Lou asked the girl if that was her husband. She nodded and whispered a thank you to them then vanished.



IDW Comics


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