"The prime motivator is a demon named W(h)at."

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Louis, Artemis and Hera [1] are the current occupants of Room 2206 in the Shandor Building.


Some time after the Gozer Incident in 1984, Dana Barrett moved to a new apartment. Louis moved in to the vacated 2206 unit despite warnings about supernatural activity from the superintendent. During the Re-Selection of Gozer's Destructor Form, Louis met Ray Stantz when the latter entered 2206. He ordered his two dogs, Artemis and Hera, to heel while Ray used the Megatrap to capture Gozer's essence from the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.


  • Louis is based on John Candy's take of Louis Tully - a German man with two dogs. Dan Schoening based him visually on John Candy's character Dr. Tongue from SCTV. [2]
  • The two Doberman Pinschers are named Artemis and Hera. In Greek mythology, they were the wives of Apollo and Zeus, respectively. Apollo and Zeus were the names of the Doberman Pinschers in the television show "Magnum, P.I." - an obscure, roundabout reference inserted by Erik Burnham. [3]
  • The original Ghostbusters commercial was playing on Louis' television when Ray arrived.


IDW Comics


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