The Lunar Avenger (real named Robert Weinberg) was a member of a superhero team called the Crime Patrol, the other members being Crimson Crimebuster, Doc Hazzard, and Dark Dwarf. He wore a cape and a featureless helmet shaped like a full moon. He came to the Firehouse with the Crimson Crimebuster stating that they needed help in fighting their old enemy Fu Fang, who has teamed up with Caesar Caldoni and his gang. After the Ghostbusters trapped Caldoni and his gang, Fu Fang was revealed to be a ghost inhabiting a cloned body. After Fu Fang was trapped, the Lunar Avenger gave the Ghostbusters permission to keep the trap containing Fu Fang and revealed that he was really Alan Weinberg, son of the original Lunar Avenger, since his dad died. Later, Alan Weinberg's brother Matt assumed the identity of the Lunar Avenger to help the Ghostbusters defeat Nurtog.


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