Lurid Tales of Doom is an adventure booklet for the Ghostbusters Role-Playing Game. As part of a publicity stunt for their parent company, the players' Ghostbusters are hired to accompany a reporter from Lurid Tales of DOOM!, a trashy tabloid, and verify if a number of bizarre stories are genuinely supernatural. The booklet also contains an air travel Routine.

Back SummaryEdit

It's the world's best-selling supermarket tabloid! It's the place 6.3 million readers learn all about the world we live in! It's the most obnoxious, fascinating, spooky, truly LURID TALES OF DOOM ever published!

They walk where others dare no tread, through the dark and foreboding streets of the unknown. They are the reporters from Lurid Tales of DOOM!, uncovering the truth about the abnormal and the supernatural so that supermarket shoppers everywhere can rest easy and stay informed.

Now the Ghostbusters have joined the magazine's staff as consulting investigators, and suddenly readership is up, profits are rising, and Something Evil is trying to destroy the world!

Can the Ghostbusters survive the screaming headlines, the horrific hyperbole, and the journalistic jaunts through a world where all the news they print gives fits?

Los Cazafantasmas: Historias TenebrosasEdit

Released in Spain by Joc Internacional, it is a Spanish translation of "Lurid Tales of Doom". The front and back were altered to having the Real Ghostbusters. Contents are otherwise only altered by translation.


Supporting CastEdit

Unless otherwise noted, the list is from pages 6 and 7.

Ditzi Wadloe
Bertrup Mudrocks
Curmudgely P. Scrimple
Chuck Braggard
Ivory Seekers
Kookuk Achuk

Other characters found along the way. Page numbers listed after characters name.

Lo-Cal Ghostbusters-The franchise on the case. (cover)
Sylvia Lovejoy (02)
Louis Tully (02)
Helga Anderson (12)
Astrid Gummeer (13)
Captain Petit (15)
Granpere Phinque (16)
Raufarhofn Bigfoot (18)
Tuttuixsak (19)
Hey Boy


Lurid Publishing, Inc. (02)
Lurid Lear Jet (12)


Denmark (11)
Cannes, France (15)
Bayous of Louisiana (16)
Suburban Bludred, New Jersey (17)
Iceland (17)
Moscow, Soviet Union (18)
Rural Maine (21)



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