Madame LaFarge [2] is the owner and operator of "Madame LaFarge's Wondrous and Amazing Traveling Sideshow."


Madame LaFarge ran a traveling sideshow that included Little Egypt, an Amazing Two-Headed Rabbit, a living Unicorn, and a real Mermaid. At some point in time, LaFarge and the circus performers were befriended by a Goblin they named Drool. LaFarge eventually could understand Drool's language and allowed him to perform in the sideshow.

A couple years later, LaFarge met the Ghostbusters in the Poconos. She denied she had a goblin problem and protected Drool. LaFarge went so far to question the Ghostbusters' trigger happy nature. She later asked them for help against the Metamorph. After Drool sacrificed himself so the Ghostbusters could trap the Metamorph, she took solace he would be with his own kind. LaFarge vowed she and the circus would never forget Drool.



The Real Ghostbusters


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Secondary CanonEdit

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