Pain is temporary. Fashion is eternal!"

- Madame Rambeau; Ghost Busted (manga)

Madame Rambeau is a fashion designer with a harsh and punishing style.


Madame Rambeau relocated to New York City and quickly became the hottest new designer. She was secretly the servant of the god Heel and designed one-of-a-kind garments that charged a hefty price. Rambeau opened and operated her own store, Rambeau's House of Fashion. Ray Stantz repeatedly felt a sense of dread near the store and called in the other Ghostbusters to check it out. Peter Venkman interacted with Rambeau and noted her secretiveness concerning a back room.

After studying Rambeau's designs, the Ghostbusters discovered her connection to Heel and stored the fashion house. They were soundly driven out. When the Ghostbusters countered with arming people with beige jumpsuits, Rambeau was insulted by the 70's retro and sent her fashionista clients after them. The Ghostbusters stormed the store and drove Heel back to her own dimension. Rambeau was crushed. Without Heel, Rambeau lost her winning edge and went out of business.


Ghost Busted (manga)

  • Chapter 6

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