The Magic of the Runes is a book filled with ancient incantations related to runes.


Extreme GhostbustersEdit

After Eduardo Rivera was taken by the Messenger of Kahlil, the rest of the Extreme Ghostbusters planned to rescue him and confront Kahlil. Kylie Griffin found an ancient incantation that could counteract the power of Kahlil. It read, "By the clock of runic time, grain by grain the sands are sifted, replacing what was once sublime, curse of ages now be lifted." [1] However, it could only be invoked from within the demon's dimension. Once inside, Kylie was unable to finish the incantation from the book. Eduardo finished it as he saw the same spell in one of Kahlil's books.

IDW ComicsEdit

While on route to Schenectady, the Ghostbusters took along a copy of "Magic of the Runes" to help identify the problem they were about to confront. At Ray's Occult Books, it is kept on a top shelf behind the register.


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Extreme Ghostbusters

IDW Comics



Secondary CanonEdit

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