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Attention: the IDW Ongoing Comic Book Series is under the Spoiler policy. That means comics and anything from it must be over four months old from the publishing date in order to edit.

Introduction to Ghostbusters Wiki

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Welcome to Ghostbusters Wiki!
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To Our First Time Visitors:
We at Ghostbusters Wiki would like to welcome all the new fans and those interested in the Ghostbusters Franchise. If you are new to Ghostbusters, please read our simple summary of the Ghostbusters Franchise. We also encourage you to read our Introduction Page, which is to help you avoid conflict within the community here. We hope you enjoy it here as much as we all do.

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Erik Burnham (Writer of IDW Ghostbusters Ongoing Series) did an interview which is posted here.

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Ghostbusters Wiki Social System

  • Ghostbusters Wiki Forum- This is a place to talk about anything to do with the wiki in an open forum.
  • Ghostbusters Wiki Blog posts- When you need to just open up about something Ghostbusters Related or even something else, this is a good way to do it.
  • Talk pages- When dealing with matters dealing with one article.
  • User Talk pages- Use when talking directly with another user on a issue.

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Commercial Bumper - The Real Ghostbusters (Version 2) 1987-198800:21

Commercial Bumper - The Real Ghostbusters (Version 2) 1987-1988

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