The Maritime Research Center [1] is an institute dedicated to ocean studies.


The famous François Rousseau operated out of the Research Center. In 1997, he sent an expeditionary vessel in search of the Lost City of Krobos. They succeeded but awakened the Dry Spell Spirit. A tug boat responded to their distress call and towed the vessel back to the Research Center. The area was quarantined and treated as if there was a viral outbreak. Rousseau called in the Ghostbusters to investigate. They located the Dry Spell Spirit and trapped it. Rousseau later stole the ghost and returned to an observation tank at the center. It broke out of the tank and escaped down a drain.


Extreme Ghostbusters


  1. Garrett Miller (1997). Extreme Ghostbusters- Dry Spell (1997) (DVD ts. 03:25-03:29). Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Garrett says: "What kind of trouble could they be having at the Maritime Research Center?"

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