Dr. Martin Heiss was a famous debunker of the supernatural.


Martin Heiss was a well known debunker of all things supernatural. When a video surfaced of a video of a ghost, Martin said it was a fake on NY1 News. Later, Martin came to Ghostbusters headquarters, and demanded proof that there was infact a ghost in their trap. Abby was firmly against releasing the ghost from the trap, and Erin was for it. Ultimately, Erin released the ghost, which then took Martin through a window and he fell to the street below.


  • On August 8, 2015, it was reported that Bill Murray arrived late in the week in Boston to film his role. [1]
  • Paul Feig simply wanted Heiss to be the kind of person to wear suits but Bill Murray pitched basing the character's look off English writer and storyteller Quentin Crisp. [2]
  • Heiss was given a walking stick because Feig's hobby is collecting them. [3]
  • Heiss was going to be killed off. A chalkoutline of Heiss, his hat and cane were even filmed but deleted. It was decided to keep what happened to Heiss ambiguous. [4]
  • In the deleted scene, showed him that he died.


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