Marty [1] is a carpenter hired by the Ghostbusters to help initially refurbish the Firehouse.


After Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, and Ray Stantz went into business for themselves and founded the Ghostbusters, they purchased a run-down firehouse. Marty was among the hired labor who worked on sprucing up the place. Marty went up on a wooden ladder, held by a co-worker, and applied the original Ghostbusters sign to the exterior, above the doorway - a simple white strip with "Ghostbusters" done in black. From below, Peter asked Marty if the sign was too subtle and people might not see it as they drove past. Marty shook his head in response then turned back to the sign.




  1. Peter Venkman (1999). Ghostbusters (1984) (DVD ts. 20:13-20:15). Columbia Pictures. Peter says: "You don't think it's too subtle, Marty?"


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