Marv at Party [1] is a client and guest of Louis Tully's fourth anniversary party.



Marv was taking some food from the table when Louis struck up some small talk. Louis droned on about his salmon and writing off the party as a promotional expense. He then recommended the Brie to Marv and walked off.





  1. Louis Tully (1984). Ghostbusters- "Ghostbusters (Chapter 17): "Who Brought the Dog?"" (1999) (DVD ts. 52:36-52:37). Columbia TriStar Home Video. Louis says: "Having a good time, Marv?"
  2. Mueller, Richard (August 1985). Ghostbusters: The Supernatural Spectacular, p. 158. Tor Books, New York NY USA, ISBN 0812585984. Louis Tully says: "How's it going, Bob? Irving?."

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