The Real Ghostbusters 011

An Inspectre CallsEdit


Peter Venkman

Ray Stantz

Josiah Ezekial Hopewright

Supermarket Gooper

Janine Melnitz (off panel, on radio in Ecto-1)



Proton Packs


The story starts with Peter and Ray on a job when they found the ghost was already busted. Peter quickly finds out it was this strange Josiah Ezekial Hopewright preacher character that busted it. Josiah interacts with the two Ghostbusters and notes he has only been there for one day. Then a kid had came to Josiah about a demon at the supermarket. Peter went there to bust the ghost, but Josiah got to the ghost first and exorcised the gooper. On the way out of the supermarket, Ray told Peter that Janine found out some things about Josiah, and then addressed Josiah telling him that it was 1988, not 1868. Josiah then realized he was a ghost and left the world of the living.


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