Matty Collector: 6″ Peter Venkman "Courtroom Battle" with Nunzio Scoleri was released as a "Club Ecto-1 Figure", January 2011.

Toy DescriptionEdit

Peter Venkman "Courtroom Battle"
with Proton Pack
and Nunzio Scoleri

Back of Card "Personnel File"Edit

Name: Peter Venkman

  • Doctor of Parapsychology
  • Doctor of Psychology

Ghostbuster Status:

  • Salesperson for the GHOSTBUSTERS.
  • Occasionally develops equipment for the GHOSTBUSTERS.
  • Hosts a psychic-themed talk show

Quotable Quotes: "We're the best. We're the beautiful. We're the only Ghostbusters."
Habits & Hobbies:
Enthusiastic voter
Thinks hairless cats are weird
Great with kids

  • Came up with the idea to start the GHOSTBUSTERS
  • First Ghostbuster to have "physical contact" with a ghost
  • Bravely fought the Scoleri brother's ghosts

Office Supplies-
Butch Carpathian Compendium
Love potion aerosol, Stool sample kit

Online DetailsEdit

Information was found on

Peter Venkman™ (Courtroom) Figure

Official Club Ecto-1 Figure, January 2011

They're the best, they're the beautiful, they're the Ghostbusters™ — and you can trap one for your very own with our film-accurate 6” Peter Venkman™ figure from the Ghostbusters II courtroom scene! The first official release in our 2011 Club Ecto series, Peter comes with convicted murderer Nunzio Scoleri. Naughty Nunzio’s back from the dead with interchangeable standard feet and “flying” feet, while Peter wears his jacket from the courtroom scene. Peter is unslimed and features authentic details like the diamond pattern on his tie. Case closed, boys — this pair is a must-have for every Ghostbusters™ collection!


  • One of four single toy releases of Peter.


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