Matty Collector: 6″ Peter Venkman with Slimer was released at the Matty Collector Store, seventh in the 6" line.

Toy DescriptionEdit

Peter Venkman
with Proton Pack
and Slimer

Back of Card "Personnel File"Edit

Name: Peter Venkman

  • Doctor of Parapsychology
  • Ph.D in Psychology

Ghostbuster Status:

  • Salesperson for the GHOSTBUSTERS.
  • Occasionally develops equipment for the GHOSTBUSTERS.

Quotable Quotes: "It slimed me." "I feel so funky."
Habits & Hobbies:
Exterminator impersonator
As a rule, never gets involved with possessed people
Despises junk food

  • One of the founding members of the GHOSTBUSTERS
  • First Ghostbuster to have "physical contact" with a ghost

Office Supplies-
Moist towelettes
Ectoplasm remover
Caffeine tablets

Online DetailsEdit

Information was found on

6" Peter Venkman Figure

Welcome to Hotel Sedgewick, where it’s slime time all the time! Our 6” Movie Masters version of Ghostbusters team member Peter Venkman may be equipped with his proton pack, but the accompanying Slimer figure isn’t exactly trembling with fear. The fully-articulated Venkman wears gloves and his pants are untucked from his boots, just like in the classic scene where the paranormalist bemoans “He slimed me!”


  • This is the first 6 inch Peter released in the line.


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