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Matty Collector: 6″ Ray Stantz "Marshmallow Mess" with Ghostbusters Logo Base

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Matty Collector: 6″ Ray Stantz "Marshmallow Mess" with Ghostbusters Logo Base was released as a Club Ecto-1 exclusive.

Toy DescriptionEdit

Ray Stantz
with Proton Pack
glow-in-the-dark Proton Stream
ecto goggles
and Ghostbusters Logo Stand (with marshmallow mess)

Back of Card "Personnel File"Edit

Name: Ray Stantz

  • Doctor of Parapsychology

Ghostbuster Status:

  • Overly excited, nostalgic member of the group
  • Duly designated representative of the state, county, and city of New York

Quotable Quotes: "I couldn't help it. It just popped in there!"
Habits & Hobbies:
Enjoys the company of female ghosts
Fondly recalls memories of Camp Wakonda
Casual smoker

  • Witnessed an undersea, unexplained mass sponge migration
  • Caused a rampaging, homicidal Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man to appear in New York

Office Supplies -
guide to nearby parallel dimensions, marshmallows, chocolate bar, stick

Online DetailsEdit

Information was found on

Marshmallow Mess Ray Stantz
Club Ecto-1 Exclusive Figure, 2011

The inaugural Club Ecto-1 subscribers-only figure honors Ray Stantz, the man the citizens of New York can thank for making a marshmallowy mess of their fine city. Ray is covered with the remnants of his nemesis, all the way down to the “no Ghost” platform he stands upon. Along with a glow-in-the-dark proton stream, he features an exclusive Ghostbusters walkie-talkie and “ecto goggles.”



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