Matty Collector: 6″ Ray Stantz "Ready To Believe You" with Subway Ghost was released at the Matty Collector Store.

Toy DescriptionEdit

Ray Stantz
with Ghost Sniffer
and Subway Ghost

Back of Card "Personnel File"Edit

Name: Ray Stantz

  • Doctor of Parapsychology

Ghostbuster Status:

  • Heart of the organization
  • Designs Ghostbuster equipment with Egon.
  • Pioneer of the GHOSTBUSTERS theories

Quotable Quotes: "Our courteous and efficient staff is on call 24 hours a day to serve all your supernatural elimination needs."
Habits & Hobbies:
Expert on paranormal history
Vast knowledge of metallurgy
Firehouse pole enthusiast

  • One of the founding members of the GHOSTBUSTERS.
  • Procured the Ecto-1

Office Supplies -
shocks, brakes, brake pads, lining, steering box, transmission, rear-end and mufflers for Ecto-1

Online DetailsEdit

Information was found on

6" Ray Stantz Figure (with Subway Ghost)

Dressed as he appears in the classic television commercial shown in the first Ghostbusters film, Ray Stantz is “ready to believe you!” Armed with the ghost sniffer device featured in the same TV spot, it would later be used by Peter Venkman to check out Dana – um, err, Dana’s apartment. Our fully articulated, film-accurate 6" figure also arrives with Subway Ghost.


  • This is the second 6 inch Ray released in the line.


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