Matty Collector: 6″ Winston Zeddemore "Slime Blower" with Tripod Trap was released at the Matty Collector Store.

Toy DescriptionEdit

Winston Zeddemore
with Slime Blower
and Tripod Trap

Back of Card "Personnel File"Edit

Name: Winston Zeddemore

  • Former Marine
  • Former Cab Driver
  • Former Construction Worker
  • Holds multiple academic degrees

Ghostbuster Status:

  • Only non-founding member of the team
  • The only down-to-earth member of the group

Quotable Quotes: "New York. What a town, huh?"
Habits & Hobbies:
Appreciates fine art with "ugly dudes"
Quotes the Bible
Master of pantomime

  • Went for a "swim" in psychomagnotheric slime
  • Helped take the Statue of Liberty out for a walk

Office Supplies -
I "heart" New York mug
Party balloons
Rat repellent

Online DetailsEdit

Information was found on

6" Winston Zeddemore with Slime Blower


Need to calm some feisty phantoms? It’s a piece of green cake if you’ve got positively charged psychomagnetheric ectoplasm and the first-ever Slime Blower from Mattel! Our 6” Winston Zeddemore figure wears film-accurate gloves and features an all-new torso sculpt. And, being a buster with the talent and the tools, he’s outfitted with a tripod trap and Slime Blower.



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