Max Palopolis [1] is a treasure hunter who once stole the strong box belonging to Captain Jack Higgins. [2]


Max Palopolis is a famous treasure hunter. He is reputed for searching tropical islands for pirate treasure. While on an expedition, Palopolis found the strong box of Captain Jack Higgins, the blackest pirate to sail the seven seas. Inside the box, he discovered 600 gold doubloons. Palopolis used this latest venture to open a new maritime museum in New York City. [3]

The theft caused Captain Jack, his crew, and his ship to manifest and invade New York. The Ghostbusters arrived at the museum first but Palopolis didn't believe them. He was infuriated when Slimer and Captain Jack's Bird crashed into the museum and ruined several displays. However, when questioned by Jack and his crew, Palopolis said he only worked at the museum and ran away. After the Ghostbusters captured all the ghosts, Palopolis attempted to pin some blame to Slimer. Ray quickly stood up for the spud and told off his former idol.


The Real Ghostbusters


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