Mayor Lenny is the mayor of New York City during The Real Ghostbusters.


After the Gozer Incident, Mayor Lenny still found himself hiring the Ghostbusters to deal with more city-wide paranormal threats such as the Electric Possessor Ghosts haunting Stacy's Department Store. He would often ride the coattails of their success in an effort to boost his ratings with voters. Over time, the Mayor and Ghostbusters' relationship was indeed give and take. He was aghast when the New York City was overrun and slimed by a multitude of tiny Slimers (mostly because it was during an election year). [1] He ordered them to immediately take care of the problem. They soon returned and asked for four helicopters. He refused. Suddenly, a giant evil Slimer reached into his office and kidnapped Janine. The Mayor caved in and loaned them the helicopters. During a bust at a St. Patrick's Eve celebration, Peter Venkman accidentally shot at his wife and the Ghostbusters were arrested. All was forgiven when they saved Deputy Chief O'Malley from the Bog Hound at the St. Patrick's Day Parade. The Mayor declared they were honorary Irishmen. Mayor Lenny called the Ghostbusters and spoke to Egon Spengler. He alerted Egon that the city's water supply was haunted and reports came in from all five Boroughs at an alarming rate about the Undines. Mayor Lenny appeared at the public ribbon cutting ceremony for the Plump Towers. While trying to greet the first convention goers, the Mayor was jolted with a joy buzzer when he shook hands with Fred the Dentist. When the Loci started bringing various vehicles to the Firehouse, the Mayor demanded the Ghostbusters to do something and rectify the situation. When Walter Peck confiscated Slimer on behalf of the B.U.F.O., the Ghostbusters called the Mayor for help. He cited he was unable to act based on matters of science. After the Vigo incident, Lenny was succeeded and a new mayor took office.


Although he is sometimes annoyed with the Ghostbusters work, he does respect them as heroes.


  • In the first draft of the "Knock, Knock" script, during the news segment, the second news anchor quoted the Mayor remarking the incident was a 'mess'. [2]
  • Mayor Lenny has an aunt named Myrtle. [3]
  • In the July 25, 1986 draft of "The Long, Long, Long, etc. Goodbye", Janine Melnitz was going to have answered a call from the Mayor and informed him the Ghostbusters didn't have any leads on Blackie yet. [4]
  • On page 6 of Ghostbusters International #8, in panel 5, the bald man in the suit in the middle is based on the Mayor's appearance in "Deadcon 1"


The Real Ghostbusters



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