"The prime motivator is a demon named W(h)at."

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The Megaspook Jr. is an amalgamation of several Pirate Ghosts of Ellis Island dispersed by Jillian Holtzmann.


During an overlap of two dimensions, Ellis Island was inundated with Pirate Ghosts. To make matters worse, a dimensional tear appeared over the island. Two teams of Ghostbusters responded to the call. Holtzmann started to disperse several ghosts with her Proton Pistols. Ray Stantz quickly stopped her and told her about the consequences of blowing up ghosts. The tear in the sky only accelerated the reformation. The dispersed ghosts formed a single entity and immediately attacked them with an overhead slam. Holtzmann correctly guessed it wouldn't be held by a Trap for long. Winston Zeddemore confirmed as much, recalling a past encounter with the Megaspook who was taken away by Death. Erin Gilbert came up with an idea and returned to Marine Ecto-8 with Ray. The others attempted to keep Jr. at bay. Holtzmann threw a Proton Grenade at it and observed three Pirate Ghosts fly out of its body. Jr. ripped a chunk of earth out of the ground and threw it towards Holtzmann. While they attempted to restrain Jr. with their Proton Streams, Erin blasted it with the Proton Bazooka to weaken it then Ray flew over on Ecto-4 and captured it with the Megatrap, which he rigged to blow up. He released the Megatrap into the dimensional tear. The controlled explosion fully discorporated Jr. and sealed the breach.

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