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The Megatrap is a more powerful Ghost Trap designed to trap larger entities.


In order to deal with larger entities, the Ghostbusters often took on a difficult and prolonged task of dispersing enough P.K.E. to stunt reformation and spectral mitosis. The Megatrap was designed to bypass the hassle and easily trap them in one shot. It was eventually completed by Ray Stantz over a period of two days. However, before it could be "tested" on the Gozerian Terror Bear, Ray was kidnapped by Idulnas. Winston Zeddemore took it along when he and the other Ghostbusters flew to the Shandor Building. Ray took the Megatrap and descended the roof to room 2206. From a window, Ray used the device to capture most of Gozer's essence.

In November, the Megatrap was utilized along with several regular Traps to capture the entirety of the Megaspook. The ghost was too powerful and broke free from them, even the Megatrap. As a result, the Megatrap and Traps were melted.



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