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The Melnitz Family is the immediate family of Janine Melnitz, six total. They also have an orange cat for a pet.


Janine managed to get a night off and convinced Egon Spengler to go with her to her family's apartment in Canarsie for dinner. The little boy present was content with shooting Egon in the face with his water gun. The dinner was cut short when Egon was needed back at the Firehouse to help deal with Imps.

After a date gone bad at Cheap Thrills Amusement Park, Janine spoke with her Aunt Bella. Bella revealed the lot occupied by the carnival had a long history, including a tragic fire that killed several circus animals. [1]


  • Janine's sister once called the Firehouse to give Janine a casserole recipe. [2]
  • Janine's family lives in Canarsie, Brooklyn, New York. [3] [4]
  • Although not named in "Janine's Day Off," the boy present may likely be named Victor. In "Victor the Happy Ghost," Janine named a ghost "Victor" after her nephew. [5] They shared similar traits and both had freckles.
  • Also not named in "Janine's Day Off," the young brunette present may likely be named Doris. In "Fallout," Janine took several days off and took a flight out of state to visit her sister, Doris. [6]
  • Janine's mother gave her a vase but it was broken when Immigrant Family ghosts infested her apartment. [7]
  • On page ten of Ghostbusters Issue #8, the family (except for Victor) makes a non-canon cameo walking past Delgado's Gym.
  • On cover A of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #6, Aunt Bella has a non-canon reference on a Post-It note by Egon.

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The Real Ghostbusters


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