The Metal Head was a fan at the Rock Revenge Fest that featured Ozzy Osbourne. He appeared in the 2016 movie.


As Rowan sneaked into the Stonebrook Theatre to place a Hyper-Ionization Device, he ran into an energetic Ozzy fan who shouted and jumped around him excitedly.


  • The Metal Head wore a Mastodon t-shirt with a design called "20 Million BC." This is an homage to the 1966 film poster of the film "One Million Years BC".
  • The Metal Head was Daniel Ramis, son of Harold Ramis. [1]


  1. paulfeig Tweet 10/3/16 Paul Feig says: "He's the one who high fives Rowan outside the concert & says "Ozzy rocks!" That's Harold's son Daniel."


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