Michael Wu [1] [2] is a FBI agent working undercover in New York's Chinatown district.


Michael Wu took an assignment to gather evidence against organized crime in Chinatown. [3] He went undercover and infiltrated a protection racket. While helping shake down a curio shop, Wu was ordered along with another thug to keep tabs on the shop owner's daughter. Wu wanted to make sure she wasn't harmed but to his surprise, she took care of them thanks to the protection of The Dragon's Eyes.

Wu returned to the shop and introduced himself to the girl and the Extreme Ghostbusters. They traded notes and teamed up. Garrett Miller was at odds with Wu due to his prior experience with the FBI but they did their best to protect the girl. [4] They ended up captured by Gu Mo. While Gu Mo was distracted with creating the 15 Flaming Circles, Garrett, Wu, and the girl reached the surface. Wu hurled a rock at the Dragon's Eyes and destroyed them. The Ghostbusters then defeated Gu Mo and trapped him. While Jodi's father came to, the thug from earlier attacked Wu. Wu easily got him into a submission hold and had him arrested by local police.



Extreme Ghostbusters


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