Michelle [1] is a 30-something year old researcher on the Magellan. [2]


Michelle took part in François Rousseau's expedition to find the Lost City of Krobos. She took the Echo Starburst submersible underwater. Just about to call off the search, Michelle found the ruins of Krobos. However, an approaching storm influenced Danny to postpone the expedition and recalled Michelle to the ship. The Dry Spell Spirit boarded the submersible and soon attacked Michelle. After the Starburst was retrieved, Danny noticed Michelle wasn't coming outside. He opened the mini-submersible and found Michelle's dried out corpse. When the Extreme Ghostbusters captured the ghost, Michelle was restored to normal with some short term memory loss.


Extreme Ghostbusters


  1. Dry Spell storyboard 'Michelle' reference
  2. Dry Spell storyboard 2nd 'Michelle' reference


Primary CanonEdit

Non CanonEdit

Images provided by Paul Rudoff with permission from Nora Salisbury from The Ghostbusters Fan Forum, co-run with the late Doreen Mulman

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