Mikhael Gallon [1] is the leader of an expedition investigating reports of Woolly Mammoths in Siberia.


At the beginning of September 1912, Mikhael Gallon led an expedition in Siberia. Barely two weeks into the journey, Mikhael and his team were led to a small village north of Krasnoyarsk and met with a fur trapper named Chekaren, who saw the mammoth grazing to the east of Lake Cheko. Mikhael learned there was another foreigner in the village and decided to pay his respects. He met John Horace Tobin. Tobin accompanied Mikhael's group as they went further into Siberia.

As the days wore on, Mikhael became more interested in Tobin's agenda than his own. After taking shelter in an old tower, Mikhael was summoned by Tobin. They observed the corpse of the fabled Undying Soldier and his Mystical Sack. However, Mikhael was troubled to see Tobin was staring off at something else - which turned out to be Death.

After the expedition, Mikhael chronicled the supernatural and published the Spectral Almanac. Since then, the almanac has been routinely updated with more information. It was used by Ray Stantz and Kylie Griffin for Bogeyman-related research.


IDW Comics


  1. IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters Issue #8" (2012) (Comic p.20). Dialogue Box says: "From the writings of Mikhael Gallon, as translated by Jean-Marc Lucien."

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